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Optical Fibre Build

trenchAs specialists in the successful planning and installation of fibre-optic network infrastructures, utilising the latest cabling technology and industry-leading equipment, we enable quality high-speed voice and data transmissions. Our optic-fibre networks provide operators with almost infinite bandwidth capacity to carry more information  - voice or data – at higher speeds over greater distances.

Project management and other consultancy services support the deployment of fibre optic backbone projects allowing your customers to connect seamlessly and enjoy high speed bandwidth services and applications. Our Certified Fibre Optic Technicians and adherence to international standards allow you to remain competitive while improving the end-user experience.

Our Optical Fibre Build solutions include:  

  • Physical deployment of Fibre Optic cables
  • Underground and aerial installations
  • Blown Fibre Solutions (3.5mm – 5mm):
    • Duct hauling – Direct buried, Direct install
    • Fibre cable – floating connections & termination
    • Conventional Cable solutions
  • Mini Cable Solution (8/9/10mm – 12mm)
    • Duct hauling – Direct buried, Direct install
    • Fibre cable – floating connections & termination

Our Optical Services include:

  • Duct integrity testing and blow in: fibre planning implementation, fibre optic floating and duct integrity testing
  • Splicing: Splicing into current infrastructure or splicing the allocated pairs to the client or site, and labelling and maintenance
  • Fibre optic link testing: Testing between access, switching, aggregation/core nodes to ensure links are operational with minimum losses and maximum bandwidth available.
  • OTDR traces by means of EXFO FTB200 OTDR complete with maxtesters for light source and power meter
  • Acceptance testing (Cromatic Dispersion and Polarised Mode Dispersion) by means of EXFO FTB500 OTDR complete with maxtesters for light source and power meter.
  • Field splicing by means of a combination of the Fugikura 60S and Sumitomo T39 Fusion Splicers
  • As-Build Documentation includes records and reports of all the actions, findings, implementations and results
  • Quality Assurance according to client, product and international standards
  • Site Survey & System Design Services
  • Fibre Planning Implementation
  • Duct Integrity Testing
  • Fibre Blow In Services
  • Project Management & Quality Assurance
  • Material Planning, Logistics & Procurement
  • ATP testing at all 3 single mode wavelength (1310nm, 1550nm and 1625nm)

Key Projects:

ClearlineIS is a key partner in the commissioning of clients onto the DFA Network, and float on average between 100 and 120km of fibre cable onto the network. Coupled with this ClearlineIS commissions 80 x links per month which are all managed by our own resources.