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Metro and Spur Route Builds

Enabling a fibre infrastructure

To meet the growing demands of customers for higher bandwidth connections and rich media services, it becomes imperative for operators to replace all or parts of the links in their broadband access network infrastructures with fibre. ClearlineIS Metro and Spur Build division is a combination of FTTX solutions focussed on parks and gate communities, Spur Builds, and Fibre Optic Ring Builds.

The Metro and Spur Route Builds division manages sections of the metro or broadband access infrastructure from small towns. Our team consists of programme managers, project managers, council management and health and safety and contractor management with the main aim of delivery to the specified deadline.

Our Metro and Spur Build solutions include: 

  • Wayleave management
  • Civil build
  • Municipality and local government
  • Management of the civil component  

Our Equipment 

Turnkey projects require utilisation of a range of specialised equipment which have been designed or modified to meet exact needs and requirements. The range of specialist equipment utilised by ClearlineIS includes; 

  • A series of over 50 high-end vehicles designed to meet the needs of Metro Build projects
  • A variety of tipper trucks
  • A range of over 20 small to large trailers
  • Blowing heads and compressors
  • Plant and Equipment including JCB’s, bobcats, cranes, de-coilers, generators, skidsteers, excavators, ride on rollers, drill rigs, wackers, jackhammers, concrete cutters, ditch witchs, steel soil sifts, and water tanks
  • Specialist hand tools
  • Splicing and testing equipment including EXFO FTB 200, EXFO FTB 7300 (SM), EXFO FTB 3930 (SM), EXFO FTB 7300 (MM), EXFO FTB 3930 (MM), EXFO FTB 500, EXFO FTB 5700 (SM), EXFO LFD 202-E, EXFO FLS-241, Fujikura 60S and Sumitomo T-39
  • Splicing equipment including connector inspectors, fusion splicers, precision cleavers, mid span access tools, fibre strippers, tube cutters, and hand hold keys

Key Projects 

ClearlineIS builds an average of 50km per month in terms of routes and spurs. Our two most recent projects at Potchefstroom and Secunda form part of the DFA’s small town projects. 


ClearlineIS has recently finished a new 52km fibre optic network build in and around Potchefstroom. The project included, civil work, floating of fibre, and splicing and testing of fibre. Following handover, and submission and approval of acceptance test results, ClearlineIS has been commissioned with maintaining the infrastructure for a period of 12 months.


As a result of the success of the project at Potchefstroom, ClearlineIS won the contract for the Secunda small town roll-out build. We are currently busy deploying a new 27km fibre optic network build in Secunda. This project includes civil works, duct installation, floating & splicing of fibre, as well as the maintenance of the infrastructure for a period of 12 months. A vital part of our civil works is making use of HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) to cross public roads which eliminates any road cutting and traffic disruptions. We also make use of this technology to cross under railways. Using peckers and chemical blasting we are currently working our way through rock banks.