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Broadband Access Site Build

Delivering Connectivity

To complete a successful Broadband Access Site Build project, it demands an integrator that has expert resource in administration, planning and project management. Our end-to-end Broadband Access Site Build Solution includes site surveys, infrastructure design and installation, wayleave and contractor management, certification of sites as well as civil works, route layout and budget planning.

Our team has vast experience in successfully dealing with municipalities, local authorities and other infrastructure companies such as gas, water and electricity and private property/land owners to ensure speedy completion of Broadband Access Site Build projects. In addition, our administration, planning and project management expertise ensures we successfully manage all projects from inception to completion.

Our Access Build solutions include:

Site survey and system design services which include wayleave documentation and applications, site layout, cabinet layout, route layout and budget planning 

  • Site implementation
  • Site Installation, construction and implementation
  • Material planning, logistics and procurement
  • Project Management – Inside and outside plant
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sub-contractor management
  • Civil works
  • Route trenching (soil, tar, paving etc)
  • Installation of the fibre ducts and blow-in of fibre cable
  • Blowing in of the fibre
  • Splicing and testing – OTDR & OLTS
  • Civil and fibre acceptance certification of all sites which includes civil acceptance certificates and project completion sign off
  • Hand over and as-build documentation

Key Projects: 

ClearlineIS has completed successful roll-outs for clients such as Vodacom, Cell C, American Tower Corporation, Internet Solutions, TENET and DFA. 

In less than a year we have completed a roll-out of 180+ sites for Vodacom. A major aspect of these projects has been the management of wayleaves as well as landlord communication and problem resolution. The Cell C roll-out in excess of 180 sites (via DFA) was managed and built over a two year period by ClearlineIS. As result of the project success we are implementing the fibre distribution for Cell C’s Midrand switch site, which forms an integral part of the distribution for Cell C. 

ClearlineIS can manage in excess of 120+ access build sites a month, which includes the civil as well as fibre aspect within a build.