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Operational Planning Office

Fast-track Site Development

Accurate operational planning and resource scheduling are a vital element of any project to ensure that tasks are completed successfully: on-time and on-budget.  ClearlineIS offers customers the expertise of our Operational Planning Office, which is staffed with programme planners, draughtsman, estimators, engineers and project managers.  Every project is undertaken with the aim of fast-tracking site development.

Our team has expertise in scheduling major projects - from bid submission to order placement - planning, SHEQ, documentation systems and procedures.  Our services include development of project documentation, proposal costing, stock management and control, health and safety management, project management, and wayleave application.

Our Operational Planning Office services include:

  • CAD drawings
  • Way leave application and management
  • Proposal documentation
  • Proposal costing
  • Document management
  • Handover as-build documentation
  • Stock management and control
  • Health and safety management
  • Project development status reports