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Partners and Customers

dartcomDartcom (Pty) Ltd

Dartcom is a specialist distributor of Radio Frequency (RF), Fibre Optic communications components, sub systems, accessories, Wire and Cable and Power Systems. Dartcom is committed to client satisfaction and exceptional service levels to the communications industry in Africa.


Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Our comprehensive offering of devices for commercial, industrial and residential markets makes us a benchmark for customers in nearly 180 countries. We offer users a vast array of products for control and command, cable management, energy distribution and data distribution—solutions that manage lighting, heating, power, networks and building access, and more.

molexMolex Premises networks

Molex Premise Networks is a division of Molex Incorporated, the world’s second largest manufacturer of interconnection products with annual revenues of $3+ billion. Molex Premise Networks has emerged as the thought leader and premier provider of revolutionary new and comprehensive network technologies focused on Advanced Physical Layer Lifecycle Management (APLLM). Through our new disruptive technologies, Molex eclipses traditional industry boundaries and leads with solutions delivering unprecedented productivity gains, process enhancements and incremental value never imagined afforded to infrastructure stakeholders in their deployment and management processes.

prysmianPrysmian Fibre Optic Solutions

With over 20 years experience of manufacturing optical fibres, Prysmian is able to offer an extensive product portfolio made to achieve the highest levels of quality and performance. Coupled with a deep understanding of present and future requirements, Prysmian's product range is targeted at the differing needs of the market. Prysmian is in the unique position of utilising all three major manufacturing processes within its plants; MCVD (Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition), OVD (Outside Vapour Deposition) and VAD (Vapour Axial Deposition). This enables Prysmian to obtain an optimised range of products for different applications.

teTE Connectivity

TE designs, manufactures and delivers products, systems and solutions in over 150 countries. This global reach enables them to work closely with us and our customers and identify and act on local needs quickly. By leveraging their global scale, together we can deliver the highest levels of quality, innovation and service at a local level.


Zhone has long been a pioneer in the industry with its broadband and multi-service access solution offerings. Zhone is at the forefront of technology innovation today, with large-scale global deployments of its high-capacity FTTx multi-service systems including the MXK, MALC and zNID ONTs which are designed to provide high performance and cost-effective solutions for the operator’s bandwidth requirements.