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Why ClearlineIS?

Your Partner of Choice

The ClearlineIS team has collectively installed many kilometres of fibre, as well as built best practice and robust future-proof data centre infrastructures for customers on the African continent. Although our professional team has a long list of credentials in fibre optics, data centre infrastructure builds and electrical engineering (which makes customers confident in partnering with us), their real strengths lie in understanding the African environment.

The team has first-hand experience in successfully designing, installing and managing projects, which allows our customers – and their customers – to connect with people and businesses anywhere on the African continent and beyond. To complement our solutions and skills, ClearlineIS partners with world-leading technology vendors to ensure that we select only the best technologies to design your fibre optics and data centre infrastructures.

ClearlineIS is an active member of BICSI (the Building Industry Consultant Standards Institute), the Fibre Optic Association (FOA), and the FTTH Council Africa. Through our memberships we show our commitment for promoting skills sharing in the telecommunications industry.

Since 2009, ClearlineIS has earned remarkable customer loyalty and satisfaction through its reputation for delivering a combination of technology innovation and value across its entire product portfolio.

Project Delivery

At ClearlineIS project delivery is regarded as a four-fold process with steps that interlink constantly with one another. These steps include:

Customer Relationship Management: In today’s world of highly complex project deployments, finding the right product configuration is only one component in signing off a successfully delivered project. At ClearlineIS it is our mission to understand the business goals of our clients, and in doing so allows us to design a solution that meets and exceeds current and often times, future needs. Our clients’ success equates to our own organisational success. To achieve this, we listen to and engage with our clients to ensure we develop a solutions plan to help accomplish their goals. We are committed to supporting our clients businesses with the same thoroughness, quality and urgency as we do our own.

customer supportDesign and planning: Design and planning are extremely important when deploying projects from fibre networks to server rooms. The ability to perform rapid troubleshooting is vital, and without a thorough network map and design, unexpected issues can arise. ClearlineIS pioneers the use of industry best practices and standards in all aspects of our service and support. Designs and plans are developed to be the best solution for our clients’ particular needs. All design documentation is provided to our clients for their records, which allows for ease of maintenance and future scalability.

Deliver: Deploying complex, multi-vendor projects is a complicated and labour-intensive endeavour. Without suitable experience and knowledge, these operations can prove to be more expensive and cumbersome than originally anticipated. ClearlineIS can encompass all aspects of project delivery from design and planning, to management and delivery of efficient and scalable solutions. All projects are managed by a dedicated Project Manager who oversees the complete end-to-end project deployment. Deployments are supported by engineers and technicians who act as dedicated on-site resources.

ClearlineIS is an accredited vendor with a number of manufacturers which results in our ability to deliver cost-effective and high quality solutions to our clients.

Support: ClearlineIS is proud of any project that we complete and we are confident that the solution for every project is of the highest quality. To ensure the on-going quality of any installation ClearlineIS has 24hrs support in terms of the call center. ClearlineIS will also advise any client to sign a service level agreement as this will ensure the future of the client infrastructure.