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Industry Association Memberships

FTTH Council Africa

FTTH smlThe FTTH Council Africa believes that the development and deployment of fibre based broadband access networks will enhance the quality of life for South African citizens and Africa as a whole, and provide African countries with an infrastructure that will allow its companies to increase their effectiveness and competitiveness within the global marketplace. The council’s charter is to educate Africa governments, policy makers and political leaders on why and how high speed fibre connectivity can be delivered to citizens within the next years. Through consulting with all major stakeholders, understanding their strategies and concerns - they endeavour to be the voice for the industry and creating a better future for all involved.

Fibre Optic Association

fibre optic associationThe Fibre Optic Association has been organised as an international non-profit professional society for the fibre optic industry. Its charter is to develop educational programs, certify fibre optic technicians, approve fibre optic training courses, participate in standards-making processes and generally promote fibre optics.

The FOA has certified over 29,000 CFOTs (Certified Fibre Optic Technicians) through over 250 approved training organisations worldwide.



The Green Building Association

green building assocClearlineIS are proud to announce that we are a member of the Green Building Council in SA. We strive towards LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) credits in all our solutions offerings.

  • What does ‘GREEN’ mean in the ITC market?
  • Energy Efficiencies
  • Increased Recyclable and re-usable products
  • RoHS
  • Led free materials
  • Pre-terminated products
  • High density connectivity
  • Environmentally friendly etc.

ClearlineIS strives towards LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) credits in all our solutions offerings.